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Xbox Live is Down on Xbox One and Xbox 360 [UPDATE] – Game Rant

UPDATE: All Xbox Live services have been restored.

The original story follows.

Some Xbox Live services appear to be unavailable for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, including party chat, access to friend lists, access, and online games. The interruption began on January 1

2 and was reported by thousands of Xbox Live users.

While some have reported problems with online games, in our tests, we only noticed difficulties in getting in touch with friends at parties and that they included receiving or sending invitations to party chats. . We were able to play online, as well as accessing digitally downloaded apps and games. As for access to the list of friends, we can see our list of friends, but it seems to be blocked, showing yesterday's data instead of accurate and updated information.

Microsoft is aware of the problems and is working on a solution. However, it is unclear how long the current Xbox Live service will last and what exactly causes the problem. The weekend is when many people really have time to sit down and play video games, so I hope Microsoft is able to fix Xbox Live sooner or later

Although this particular interruption of the Xbox Live service could be frustrating for Xbox One and Xbox 360 players, it does not seem to be as widespread or problematic as some interruptions of the past. As stated earlier, we were able to enter online games and, unlike others, we had no problems with party chats or things like that. Furthermore, this does not seem to be the result of a deliberate DDoS attack, as we saw during Christmas 2014.

From the 2014 Christmas Lizard Squad attack, Xbox Live services have been relatively stable, with service interruptions occurring only widespread a few times in the year. In fact, the last time there was an important interruption of Xbox Live last November, which lasted only a few hours.

Again, it's hard to say exactly how long this last interruption of the Xbox Live service will last, but I hope it will be resolved sooner rather than later.

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