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Stroke in young people: Saran Chamberlain suffers loss of left side aged 38

  • RAH's death investigation for stroke ends without recommendations

She was 38 a mother with three small children, a love affair, a regular visitor and a job she liked when the unimaginable happened , during the most trivial moments.

Saran Chamberlain was tidying up his three-year-old daughter's room when, without warning, he suffered a stroke, causing permanent loss of his left hand and requiring her to learn to walk again and unable to do things as simple as weaving the hair of her little girls.

Stepney's woman is increasing – and inexplicable – the number of young and disabled people who do not suffer from strokes worldwide.

"I approached pushing into a drawer and my left arm started to tremble, I touched it and I felt dead and I thought it's oh & it's a bit weird & # 39 ;, so I got up and then my leg went from under me, "the hour 44- says one year of the summer morning that changes the life in 201


I had no idea what it was happening – I had no feelings on my left. "

media_camera Saran heals in the hospital after a stroke.

Even his speech was influenced but was able to call his son then 10 years old and launched the alarm with father David Portolesi

Within 15 minutes she was called an ambulance and was admitted to hospital, but the damage caused by a blood clot was irreversible. [19659004] "When I was in the hospital I could not really talk . It was scary and I remember thinking about what I'm going to do? & # 39; … I had never experienced anything like this in my life, "he says.

Mrs. Chamberlain says the inexplicable stroke had a huge impact on her family and left her needing assistance for everything from dressing up to cut food – can not even take a walk alone, in case it falls.

Wayne Mitchell suffered a catastrophic blow, the cost of his cure is hundreds of thousands of dollars and the Blaxland family wants to do more to help other victims of stroke.

The cost of treating stroke victims

"It's amazing what my children had to learn … they've learned to be empathic and everyone takes care of me , my youngest who at the time was three years old, basically does not know me in any other way ", he says.

" It was difficult and there were – and still are – dark days and I had much depression … I had days when I thought, & # 39; I'm taking the infancy of these children & # 39; far from them? "

" (But I'm lucky), we're close as a family can be and David has never lost a beat, does not get angry, does not get angry and our children are the same, we have an absolutely beautiful family – we always laugh and have fun. "

media_camera Saran Chamberlain with his partner David and his sons Emma, ​​Catherine and Hayden.

This month marks six years after her stroke and she now hopes to increase the awareness that can happen to anyone through her new role in the Stroke Foundation's Consumer Council.

According to the Stoke Foundation there are 56,000 strokes in Australia each year, with more than 20 per day affecting people younger than 65 – 25 percent of stroke in younger people is unexplained.

"international evidence indicates stroke among young people is on the rise but currently there are no services and supports tailored to them n eeds – We want to see survivors young stroke, as Saran recover and prosper," says the CEO of the Foundation Sharon McGowan.

Go to strokefoundation.org.au for more information

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