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Some WWE NXT Talents Not Heading To The Main Roster?

In an interview with Inside The Ropes, Triple H commented on the NXT UK brand. Here are some highlights and videos below:

"There are some talents here, which you might see coming from the UK, which could go straight to RAW or SmackDown," Triple H. explained. "I think at this moment there is a kind of this perceived system of which is a little bit ̵

1; 1. RAW, 2. SmackDown, 3. NXT, 4. NXT UK.I do not believe it, I think talent is talented and I think they will sit where they sit, and I think that in the next few years the talents will get to Raw and SmackDown, and I think you'll see them come back to NXT, or go back to the NXT UK system.I think the talent will begin to evolve and rotate across the territories, so to speak. "

" I think there will be talents that will be incredibly successful, they will be global names, they will be global and family names, "said Triple H" This will probably never leave the NXT system because it is their base of departure, and that's where they fit, and will have significant careers and success. And probably on those careers will gravitate in different positions within the globe, perhaps without ever being on RAW or SmackDown, but this is not inferior to their career. "

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