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Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 maker builds a ride that takes 12 years — real time

Marcel Vos once built a roller coaster in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 which took 232 days to complete. In real time. Now he has made one that lasts 18 times.

Exactly. If nothing else, Vos built a virtual machine that employs 12 years to complete a tour. Note that this is the calculated time; Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 himself is 17 years old; this coaster, the game and his PC should have been running since Nancy Pelosi was first appointed Speaker of the House to actually do a spin.

In the video of 10 minutes above (spied on by PCGamer and PCGamesN) that looks like a snap of fingers given the stakes, Vos explains how he built the lap ̵

1; whose playing time is equal to 30,004,200 million days, or 82.147 years. It is eight times older than Far Cry Primal . More or less, Vos took his old record lap, which uses almost every inch of the park's maximum space, and added an even worse contraption. Then he connected them using the design function that synchronizes the departure times of two stations.

This is an animated .gif file. Really. Can not you see the car moving? There, he just moved. Look again.
Screenshot / Marcel Vos on YouTube

This means that Vos traps 31 cars in a tiny, separate loop, and everyone has to wait for a car to complete the gigantic 232-day track before advancing a small incremental teenager. That smaller race is over after 20 laps (the RCT2 maximum). That equates to 600 laps on the largest structure. A ride on that thing, I could add, is 204 years of play and 27 days. So it's not like people on the biggest lap are having a party.

C & # 39; is a link to a save file in the YouTube video description (appropriately, titled "12 Years of Suffering") if you want to see this monstrosity for yourself. It takes the crime of sim torture to a new scary minimum. "For now, I can not find a way to beat this record, but who knows what is possible," said Vos.

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