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Roger Federer’s retirement hopes, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal

After the emotional interview with Andy Murray's retirement, Roger Federer is thinking about how he could end his career.

In front of his defense of the Australian Open title, the Swiss master does not have a specific moment in mind but at the age of 37 he can feel that he is closer to the end of his career than to the beginning.

Speaking with CNN, he said to try for Murray whose hand was forced by persistent back and hip injuries.

"I hope it does not end an injury," said Federer. "I would like to go on my terms.

" I do not have a fairy-tale ending in my head that says there must be another title somewhere, and then I have to announce it big and say, it was this, by the way, guys .

Federer, who has won three of his top 20 titles in the last two years, has had an incredible longevity in sports with 21

seasons at the highest levels.

However, he had to do with his share of injuries with back problems in 2013 and a knee injury in 2016 that led to surgery.

With Murray just 31, Federer hopes to continue to stay healthy to be able to start his condition.

In fact, he said that the perfect goodbye might have already passed.

"If I had wanted it that way, I might have said it after the Australian Open [in 2017] when I beat Rafa [Rafael Nadal] in that final epic." I do not know if it will ever get any better, because it is It was all for me. "

He also told CNN that he will not do a farewell tour with the former coach and childhood idol Stefan Edberg who advises against the move.

But the end is in his mind with Federer wondering if he would like to go out to the place where he won eight Grand Slam titles.

"I have a lot of places that are very special to me, fortunately, I was very lucky But yes, of course, like a Wimbledon stands out like maybe a place, but there are also many others," said Federer .

"I was thinking about it, how where is that place?

" But I think everything will be reduced, it's the body, it's the family, it's the mind, it's a morning when I wake up, what's going on?

"And then maybe that day that happens, maybe it's the end, or maybe I say I can still have some more tournaments in me, I do not know."

In an interview with The Age Federer said he was hit hard by Murray's board and seeing him "fight".

"You want someone to go there and feel happy to retire," said Federer. "The problem is that it's not his decision, it's the decision of the body and this naturally hurts."

Rafael Nadal also spoke of the end

Speaking at a press conference to talk about his health after three months of competitive tennis and his prospects at the Australian Open, the only one of four Grand Slam tournaments that has not won at least twice.

After Murray retired, he only had one thing in mind.

"Yes, of course it's a bad news," said Nadal. "It will be a very important loss for us, for the tennis world, for the tour, for the fans, also for the rivals that has been part of a great rivalry among the best players for a long time, and a great competitor. [19659003] "But to be honest, when someone like him, who has achieved almost everything in his tennis career, has been suffering for so long, probably does the right thing for his mental health." [19659003] Nadal has lost long periods of tennis due to injuries during his career, still managing to accumulate 17 major titles, but never expected a date for retirement.

"I did not get to that point. I'm a positive boy. I've always had the feeling that we'll fix it, "he said." But of course there are periods of time when you do not see the light. It's hard. "

Federer credited improvements in travel, nutrition and life balance to give modern players the opportunity to extend their careers to the age of thirty.

He was 35 years old and came out of a long injury, when he re-launched his career with an Australian Open title in 2017. He successfully defended his title last year, his 20th highest.

Nadal for longevity revolves around playing less tournaments and rest whenever he has persistent wounds.

became less an option for Murray, who is studying further surgery just to reduce the pain he feels when doing things like that. as simple as putting on shoes and socks.

"It seems that he did not have a very long career because today players are playing so long. But it is 31 – 10 years ago, if he retires at the age of 31, we will say that he has had a great and very long career, "said Nadal." We will miss him. But today it is him. Tomorrow another. We are no more than 20 years old. Our generation, everyone is over 30 years old. "

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