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How Australians can get the best deal

Coin traders seeking to seize foreign currency may be cautious this month after the Australian dollar fell to its lowest level in a decade against the dollar.

But the director of The Currency store, Justin Rampono, said that this should not discourage travelers to look for good rates because these falls have not had any impact on all currencies.

"The biggest expense or savings on the currency before going overseas are the products you use, some are good and some are very expensive," said Rampono.

"They can add between 2 and 20 percent to the cost of holiday money."

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Mr. Rampono said that travelers should avoid exchanging cash at the airport because these rates are worse. Instead, visit the CBD currency changes before jetting.

"There is more competition in CBDs," said Rampono.

"Money is always at hand, you can not use it for all your expenses but it's nice to have it at your fingertips."


Mr. Rampono He said that people who trade more than $ 1000 should ask the exchange office for a better rate because they had room to move.

Travelex sales director Mark Mulligan said that "taking a mixed wallet" of foreign money, a foreign currency travel card and a debit / credit card was the best

"The main reason for this is to provide a chance in case one of your travel options fails, "he said.

"You may need a card for online purchases as attraction tickets, while money may be the best option to shop locally, tipping or paying for local transportation."

He said that in typically the cash made up of 30% of a traveler's wallet and prepaid travel cards and credit / debit cards make up the rest.

But be careful when organizing your money. Mr. Mulligan said that exchange rates "can rebound" from one day to another in a month.


* Compare prices online.

* Plan your currency weeks before leaving.

* Subscribe to exchange rate trackers.

* Get different types of currency.

* Pay attention to taxes and costs when using cards.

* Be careful to use your debit / credit accounts. High fees can be applied


US dollar: 80 cents high, 69.7 low cents

NZ dollar : High A $ 1.11, Low $ 1.04

Euro: High 65.7 cents, Low 61.1 cents

Pound: High 58.3 cents, Low 53.4 cents

Yen: High 88.9 cents, Low 77.93 cents

* Source: The Currency Shop.

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